Solution Services

Technology Assessment & Selection

Project Controls Solutions combine best-in-class technologies like Capital Planning, Scheduling, Cost/Contracts, and Analytics/Forecasting with existing business systems including ERP and Financial systems to provide critical portfolio and project data to team members. Leveraging our Conceptual Solution model, ProNovo helps clients identify gaps in their Project Controls technology stack. We then assist to identify and assess potential component solutions. Project Controls solutions may include:

  1. Capital Planning & Portfolio Management
  2. Planning & Scheduling
  3. Cost & Contracts
  4. Collaboration & Workflow
  5. Reports, Dashboards, and Analytics
  6. Estimating
  7. Asset Information
  8. Deliverables Management
  9. Materials & Quality
  1. Develop Conceptual Solution and future state data models
  2. Identify technology gaps and needed solutions
  3. Identify candidate technologies to complete Project Controls technology stack
  4. Define evaluation criteria
  5. Facilitate vendor presentations and evaluation
  6. Build Proof-of-Concept, Pilot, and Prototype systems for hands-on evaluation