Solution Services

Solution Design

Regardless of budget, scope, or scale, ProNovo ensures the solution is fully functional when deployed and scalable to meet the client’s vision. Accordingly, ProNovo offers both Conceptual and Detailed Solution Design services. Conceptual Design translates the client’s vision into an overall architecture, which may be deployed in phases based on the Project Controls Strategy. Detailed Design specifies configuration and customization instructions for the current phase deployment.

Conceptual Design

The Conceptual Design models the overall Project Controls Solution necessary to achieve Vision. It ensures process improvement, requirements satisfaction, and solution scalability.

Activities and Deliverables include:
  1. Review Current State Lifecycle & Process
  2. Key Business Requirements
  3. Future State Lifecycle & Processes
  4. Future State Data Sourcing & Flow Models
  5. Technical Architecture Design
  6. Prototype & Deployment Strategy
  7. Change Management Strategy (Organizational; Procedural; Technological)
Detailed Design

The documented Conceptual Solution is typically parsed into separate System Development & Implementation projects to support phased deployment. The Detailed Design serves as the blueprint for each of these deployments. Components include:

  1. Technical Design Specification
  2. Report & Dashboard Specifications
  3. Integrations & Migrations Specifications