ProNovo Optimization Model

Optimize your Project Controls practice with the Project Controls Optimization Model

The ProNovo Project Controls Optimization Model provides an agile approach to develop and maintain a Project Controls Strategy. This top-down structure assesses and improves each component of a mature project controls practice. Each activity is facilitated by our toolkit and best practices library. When technologies are already selected or in place, process models leverage best practices and features of component technologies.



Articulate & Align your Project Controls Vision

  • Sync project controls to core business
  • Integrate stakeholders – Business > Strategic > Tac
  • Define & quantify objectives & requirements
  • Coordinate with corporate IT strategy
  • Assess entire project lifecycle – Opportunity to Ops

Assess & Improve your Project Controls Practice

  • Evaluate guidelines, standards, & tools
  • Achieve consistency & consensus
  • Streamline to leverage best practice & technologies
  • Establish a continuous improvement culture
  • Confirm readiness for technology deployment

Support & Enable your Optimized Practice

  • Define your scalable project controls solution
  • Seamlessly share data with legacy systems
  • Deliver comprehensive info to decision makers
  • Forecast, trend, & monitor in real time
  • Manage internal & external communications