Project Controls Vision & Strategy

your Project Controls vision and strategy deliberately and rapidly.

Key activities include development of a Project Controls Strategy, Conceptual Solution, and Roadmap utilizing ProNovo Project Controls Optimization Model.

  1. Assess & Align – Define and synchronize Project Controls with your core business
  2. Define & Design – Develop Conceptual Solution blending Improved Practice with State-of-the-Art Technologies. This is more than technology – it’s using technology to reinforce your optimized practice.
  3. Plan & Execute – Build Actionable Plan and phased Roadmap to realize your vision.
Benefits of a Project Controls Strategy
  1. Standardized Project Controls practice, governance, and tools
  2. Project, Program, & Portfolio decision support with current and accurate data
  3. Improved progressing and forecasting
  4. Minimized learning curve for new team members
  5. Seamless contractor engagement
  6. Efficient transition to Operations
Assess & Align
  1. Define Project Controls Vision and Components
  2. Align Vision to Organization Goals, Objectives, Initiatives
  3. Assess Current Project Controls Practice
  4. Review Corporate IT Standards & Initiatives
  5. Survey Project Controls Tools & Technologies
  6. Identify & Prioritize Opportunities for Improvement
  7. Establish Success Criteria and Key Performance Indicators
Define & Design
  1. Diagram Current State Lifecycle & Processes
  2. Define Current State Data Models
  3. Identify Key Business Requirements
  4. Model Future State Lifecycle & Processes
  5. Diagram Future State Data Sourcing & Flow Models
  6. Build the Technical Architecture Design
  7. Define a Prototype & Deployment Strategy
  8. Document a Change Management Strategy (Organizational; Procedural; Technological)
Plan & Execute
  1. Quantify, Scope, & Prioritize Initiatives
  2. Assess & Select Initiatives
  3. Build Deployment Plan & Schedule